Issue #2

SF GirlWelcome to the second issue of Nuclear Ronin.  The first issue was a traditional magazine that didn’t fare that well, which is why issue #2 was so long in coming.  If you’re interested, you can get a fresh copy from Magcloud, or email us for a mostly fresh copy.

Nuclear Ronin Magazine provides all sorts of entertainment, from speculative fiction to humor, with some job leads thrown in for the many masterless samurai out there who would like a master.

So enjoy, come back often, and sign up to be notified when we get new content.  The more hits we get, the more ad space we can sell, and the longer we can stay a viable source of uber-awesomeness.

About the Author

Christopher O'Kennon was born in Richmond, Virginia on December 27th, 1967. He's married with three children, three dogs and a cat. He now lives in Southern California. His story, With Thoughts of Sarah, was nominated for the 1997 eScene award. He's written numerous articles on technology issues, ebooks, and traditional fiction. In 1998 O'Kennon was in the forefront of the e-government revolution, building several award-winning government portals and services, including the first use of real-time customer service on a government web site, the first personalized government Web page, the first use of Flash technology on government Web pages, and the first usability lab at the state level for Web Usability and Accessibility.